Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ioannis Koutras 7239d98bc3 :hammer: Nix flake support 1 week ago
  Ioannis Koutras 828dce5b94 :sparkles: Add 2 more lists from iblocklist 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 264abb2af9 :sparkles: Refactor list setup to a function 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras be7cfc3087 :art: Re-lint 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras afaf0ae15f :art: Remove commented out lines 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 2aa57f2e95 :white_check_mark: Add ipset to nix-shell 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 626fbf4cf9 :rocket: Set process library on cabal 5 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 93dffb47da Try with withCreateProcess. 5 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 9b130b172f Untested create process! 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 6621befc8e :bug: Set proper IP set type and maxelem 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 1741208793 :art: Re-lint 5 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou bb666c8c6a Prototype trololo list file for ipsets. 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 14004a968e :art: Parse Main.hs through ormolu 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 517863f2d7 Add ormolu for linting 5 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras d55706a26d Use niv for nix dependency management 6 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras c7c82d0b22 Create an IP set and try to fill it up 6 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 91f896e1dc Add library dependencies 6 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras 50fa0b57b8 shell.nix: Use liststoiptables.nix 6 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 5da0ef8fa3 Fixed parsing where ':' was part of the description. 6 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 155c44d939 Parsing block records with iproute package. 6 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 1abcbaab77 Implemented decompression using the zlib package. 6 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 1b35c6826a Ignore ctagsw 6 months ago
  Stefanos Nikolaou 5bc1a5091a Retrieved zip file for the first time. 6 months ago
  Stefanos 9ea3b95dd5 Merge pull request #1 from stefanosnikolaou/cabalismos 6 months ago
  Ioannis Koutras a8ab824f67 Add cabal-related files 6 months ago
  Stefanos 6c11e64299 Initial commit 6 months ago