Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tv 5ea125514e Merge pull request #21 from elohmeier/git-shallow 1 month ago
  Enno Lohmeier 54eb1c89cf add `shallow` option to git source type 1 month ago
  tv 3e731035ed Merge pull request #20 from Mic92/local-sudo 1 month ago
  Jörg Thalheim bdf56191e2 fix local deployment with sudo 1 month ago
  tv 56a066d470 Merge remote-tracking branch 'krebs/master' 1 month ago
  tv 44e8dd5cea treewide: harmonize ssh calls 2 months ago
  tv 1eb67a9b78 README: brakets -> brackets 2 months ago
  tv 486300fb35 krops runCommand: derive script name from command 2 months ago
  tv 81c4885124 lib: add firstWord 2 months ago
  tv 67132ed53f krops remoteCommand: don't ssh if target is local 2 months ago
  lassulus be3fa4608b README: document writeTest & writeCommand 3 months ago
  tv 476fb97dc9 README: talk about target.extraOptions 3 months ago
  tv 55aa2c77ce Merge pull request #19 from erikarvstedt/improve-target-opts 3 months ago
  Erik Arvstedt 8a8b2cf861 support default target attrs for attrSets 3 months ago
  Erik Arvstedt 2cafddd78d add target.extraOptions 3 months ago
  tv 9c16ab1ce1 populate file: deprecated exclude option 5 months ago
  tv ed9fc66582 Merge pull request #15 from nyantec/feature/filters 5 months ago
  tv 8161ec7367 Merge pull request #17 from Mic92/no-writers 5 months ago
  Jörg Thalheim d51f353cb3 use writers from nixpkgs 5 months ago
  Milan Pässler 56d4dc28b3 support for include filters 6 months ago
  tv f1b7112ac3 Merge pull request #11 from Mic92/build-host 7 months ago
  Jörg Thalheim ea7e0c3a35 writeDeploy: add crossDeploy argument 7 months ago
  Jörg Thalheim 402c9cac25 writeDeploy: add support for build hosts 7 months ago
  Jörg Thalheim fce5826802 populate: re-add default values for useChecksum/exclude 7 months ago
  Jörg Thalheim fff9b24ec9 populate file: add exclude option 7 months ago
  tv f2f8cbf1af Merge pull request #9 from nyantec/feature/sudo 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 01b82ecaf3 ssh: fix mistake with sudo on remote 8 months ago
  tv 53dfb30af3 README: talk about the target attribute 8 months ago
  tv 70fa39607f ssh: support using ssh-configured user 8 months ago
  tv 8de797dae0 Merge pull request #7 from nyantec/feature/sudo 8 months ago